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Mamilla Dental Clinic is an academically oriented dental centre providing the state of the art, advanced, and comprehensive treatments.

- Multi-Dental Specialties
- Dental Implantology
- Orthodontics


Our Services

Polishing & Stain Removal 

Tooth polishing is a dental procedure that leaves your tooth enamel glossy and smooth. 

It doesn’t just have a cosmetic benefit for your teeth. This procedure, when paired with dental scaling, can freshen your breath and help you avoid tooth decay.


Teeth Whitening

Kids don't cry at Mamilla Dental Clinic they smile with the laughing gas

Dental Fillings

We perform all kinds of direct and indirect restorations 

Crowns & Veneers

All kinds of dental surgery from single implant to Guided implant placement

Routine Exams

Pediatrics Dentistry

We examine every new case and provide a treatment plan prior to the treatment

All kinds of teeth bleaching

from in-office to home and bleaching pen\strips

Implants & Surgery

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